the feeling that things are good for a person, have been good, and will be good in the future – so contentment, peace. Generally this is used as a stative noun in a PA clause, so pa anþīrne liēn “Contentment has me.”/”I am content.” anþīrne can also refer to an optimistic outlook, so la liēn maþīrne is “I am a contented person.”/”I am generally optimistic.”

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  1. Again, anþīrne sounds to me very nice. It’s cool because sometimes this lang sounds to me as Old English sometimes and like Sanskrit some other times. Nice job!

    The language reminds me of an experiment I did once on how could I make a language without any pronouns at all.

  2. By the way, I would be honored if you’d check my own blog for my conlang Tulvan:

    Also, I added you to my “fellow conlangers” in my blog =) would you add me too? Also you are welcome to comment on Tulvan!

  3. Yes, I’ve seen some of the entries on the conlang aggregator. I’ve added a link in my More Words of the Day list. As for commenting, I’m very bad at that sort of thing…

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