ancēxīwe is the opposite of anþīrne, so the feeling that things are bad for a person, have been bad, and will be bad in the future – so despair, resignedness. Again, this is used as a stative noun in a PA clause, and can also refer to a pessimistic outlook.

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  1. Oh those copy and paste errors – they get me every time. Fixed.

    Yes, PA WHOLE PART, so pa ancÄ“xÄ«we liÄ“n basically it implies that ‘I’ am possessed by ‘despair’ the emotion. ‘I am in despair’ might be the best translation. Usage with PA is one criteria (for some anyway) for being considered one of the anwālti rather than the antōli. For many of the words that I’ve discussed already, usage with PA doesn’t make semantic sense.

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