one’s brain; what one thinks with, one’s mind.

The Kēleni do, however, think that thinking happens in the brain. sasōna does not cover all of our meanings of mind. It does not contrast with body, it is a part of the body.  It is these days seen as where senārre manifests itself, at least partially.

3 Replies to “sasōna”

  1. Of course, that might just be ’cause you know it happens in your head.

    Actually, I can see where thinking might happen in the heart – it beats faster under certain circumstances (like being afraid), and that change can correlate with a change in thinking – it’s heard to be calm and collected when you’re afraid.

  2. Of course, I thought of that (the knowledge affecting the sensation), but what really triggers it is that so much of my thoughts feel as if they’re in spoken language, and it feels like I can hear them. That’s where the difference lies.

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