We are on the last word of sentence eight of the Babel text:

il tamma ien rēha ñatta janahan ja se jaþēŋŋe jacē lā;

is mood marker denoting emphasis. This is probably best translated with an exclamation point!

“Then he said, they will make anything that that can be proposed!”

2 Replies to “lā”

  1. I love the concept of spoken exclamation points! I wish English had one =)
    I like the particle “yo” in Japanese– slightly different concept, but such a useful little word.

  2. Yes, and think of how people would react to having to pronounce a syllable for all those exclamation points in certain contexts: “He’s so cute!!!!!” becomes “He’s so cute la la la la la.” Definitely a disincentive for overusing exclamation points. 🙂

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