describes something (a person, thing, event, situation, something) that has the quality of inducing a smile or a laugh. So, silly, funny, comical.

sele jālne to jatāena; pa jāo anriēnneþa;
I like the story. It’s funny. [It made me laugh.]

4 Replies to “anriēnneþa”

  1. I like this word very much. The sound of it is a little reminiscent, to me of Old English, or maybe that is because of some characters used. In any case I like the sound of it, and its meaning is interesting. Maybe it could have even extents wider than the merely translation of “funny, etc”.

    I imagined it could also be used of a memory which could induce you to smile. =)

  2. Yes, it can mean inducing a smile, or rather inducing jālne. Normally there would be a stative noun anālne which would have that meaning, but anālne generally means smiling, having a smile, (having sālne). So, yes, a memory could definitely be described with anriÄ“nneþa.

  3. I like that. I think it’s a great word, Nice job! Now every time I have a nice memory I will think I had an “anriÄ“nneþa”.

  4. a nice memory = jaxōna jariēnneþa

    I’m having a nice memory/I’m remembering something nice: sele jaxōna jariÄ“nneþa OR sele lexōna jariÄ“nneþa
    where jaxōna is the inanimate singular form of ‘memory’ and lexōna is the 1p possessed form of ‘memory’. Either is correct.

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