japīña & anpīña



a bad feeling. So, sele japīña “I feel bad.” The expression can also mean sorry, as in sele japīña to jatēpanrie “I feel sorry for your loss.”



bad, valued as bad, inducing a bad feeling. As in pa jāo anpīña “This is bad.”

2 Replies to “japīña & anpīña”

  1. So, I have to ask… In English, feeling “bad” is pretty straightforward, most of the time. But is this a “bad” feeling as in an upset feeling, an unhappy feeling, or is it (also?) an evil feeling? And if it’s not, do the KÄ“leni have a concept similar to our “evil”?

  2. Anything one values as bad. It could refer to being upset or unhappy or even evil. It’s basically the opposite of jahē, a good feeling. So, a generically bad feeling, or a bad feeling one doesn’t have a better word for, or a supercategory covering all bad feelings (though that would be anpīñi.)

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