2 Replies to “mārja”

  1. I like these two words mārōn and mārja. It occurred to me there might have been an inspiration with the IE words mar- for maritus and marya in Sanskrit. Did you get some inspirations in those words or in some form of these Indo-European roots?

  2. No. The m- prefix (also ma-) denotes an animate noun, so the stems for these words are -ārōn- and -ārj- respectively. Singular nouns end in -a/-e/or null ending.
    Likewise j-/ja- denotes an inanimate noun, an- occurs with inanimate collectives and with statives, and s-/sa- is 3rd person singular possessive (for obligatorily possessed nouns only).
    I’m not sure where -ārōn- and -ārj- came from.

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