A. tene=S S sit
B. tene=A=O A sit O (down)
C. tene=CS CS is (CC, adjective, peripheral phrase)
D. auxiliary V-tene V-ing

Tene in senses A and B means ‘sit’. As an intransitive, the subject is the person or thing sitting. As a transitive, it acquires a causative meaning, with the object being the person or thing sitting and the subject is the cause. Tene behaves very much like sede, including in the use or not of a causative and a passive and with peripheral arguments.

As a copula and as an auxiliary, tene has all the uses of sede, except that where sede requires a class I subject, tene is used for all other classes of subject (II, III, IV). So, when a verb has a class I subject, use sede as the progressive auxiliary. Otherwise, use tene.

Sentences with tene as a main verb.

Sentences with tene as an auxiliary verb.

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