Translating Latin to Kēlen

As a summer project I decided to translate the interim readings from my Latin textbook into Kēlen (and Sodemadu*). Here is the first reading. This is the first of several posts. I’ll post one every Monday and Thursday until I run out. Feel free to ask questions about the translation. That said, it is not as exact a translation as my Latin professor would expect. 😉

I intended to do more than the first interim reading, but time got away from me. I still plan on doing more, but Latin class starts up again on the 24th, so I doubt it will happen before Christmas.

I ended up not doing Sodemadu* as that language just doesn’t have the vocabulary. With Kēlen, the vocabulary either already existed, or was easy to derive from the existing public corpus, or was drawn from my private notes full of not-ready-for-prime-time vocabulary items.

*was sodna-lɛni