Test Sentences, 136

Continuing with Gary’s list:

  1. The dress of the little princess was embroidered with roses, the national flower of the Country.

Well, no country, so no national flowers. And no princesses. Sorry, Puey. I could come up with a rough paraphrase, but it wouldn’t include that phrase modifying roses. Bah. Let’s look at a few more:

  1. They wore red caps, the symbol of liberty.
  2. With him as our protector, we fear no danger.
  3. All her finery, lace, ribbons, and feathers, was packed away in a trunk.
  4. Light he thought her, like a feather.

I could probably come up with something for 177. It wouldn’t be a symbol of liberty, though. 178 I can do, though it would be two clauses. 179? Oh dear. Lace? No. Trunks are also problematical. At this point I am spending more time trying to twist the vocabulary into something my conculture might actually have that it is getting out of hand. Then we get to 180, and I am ready to call it quits. No. Just, no. I think I have come to the end of this exercise. I’ve already identified several places where my grammar needs serious work. I think that rather than go on, I will quit. I will go on vacation, I will come back. I will contemplate the deficiencies of my current grammar. I will hopefully come up with cures for those deficiencies. I will do some more work on vocabulary. Someone has a conlanger’s thesaurus, right? 🙂

Then after all that I will probably revisit this exercise, revising what I already have and doing more sentences per post.