Recap #2, Part III: Modifiers


basic -i form -na form
all nadi nadna
many aŋo
some amba
two ɛnna


Adjectives inflect to match the noun they modify.

base form -ɨdɛn or -ɨdi form -na form
happy andabal andabalna
finished boda bodna
lost do
wild gyɛttaɬ gyɛttaɬna
broken gube gubɨdɛn
small, little ɨsa
bright lo
giant nonno
black siye
pretty syoɬe syoɬɨdi

Adverbs of Time

ala now
galaba before
goɬi for some time
iyÉ› iyÉ› again
iyɛnɛ twice
ɨdeba after, afterwards
lannal tomorrow
tilɛnya long ago, once long ago

Adverbs of Manner

andabalya happily
bɛldɛnya while spinning or turning
dugaŋya around, surrounding, encircling
kadeya directly across, reflectedly
loya brightly
mɨdeya carefully, cautiously
olaya up, upwards
tadya down, downwards
tosya slow

Adverbs that only modify other adverbs

alam too, too much
no more, much

All done. More sentences in a few days.