People reading this blog at and not through the aggregator or an rss feed might have notices some changes around here. 🙂 In honor of that, today’s word anīrān means “changed”, as in:

ñi jīrān;
It’s changed.

ñi jawae jīrān;
Nothing has changed.

2 Replies to “anīrān”

  1. I did notice! That’s a beautiful header; is that a standard Gimp/Photoshop effect that was applied to your conscript?

  2. No. I took my little gif files at one point and made svg files of them using something in Inkscape to do so, but I no longer remember what, and I can’t seem to recreate the effect.

    The header image was made by opening the relevant svg files in the height that I wanted and copying and pasting them into a png image to write the sentence. The sentence, btw, is

    se jasōra jakēlen il jaliþa;
    “Here’s a Kelen word today.”

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