Last post on the final sentence of the 18th Conlang Relay Text:

ā macēna nīkamma sālne jajēren jē nā ñamma sū ma hāl jalāmīke jalūnte rājatā;

As mentioned yesterday, the object of ñi is the phrase jalāmīke jalūnte. jalūnte is the inanimate singular form of the stative attribute anlūnte. anlūnte means “shiny, lustrous, or sparkling” so jalāmīke jalūnte is a shiny, lustrous, or sparkling mask or veil.

“The woman with only a playful smile set down in front of him a shiny veil.”

Tomorrow I will start on the LCC4 relay text, which should take us through mid-June. After that, I am not sure what to blog about. Suggestions are welcome. Requests will likely be granted.