We’re on this sentence of the 15th Conlang Relay Text:

wa majjārien pa anākexa nā;

The only word here I haven’t blogged before is wa. This is the negative form of the relational la, denoting the non-existence of the rest of the sentence. The reset of the sentence here reads “The dancers have much agility.” With wa, this becomes “The dancers do not have much agility.” This sentence is unchanged from the original.

The next two sentences in the text do not have any new words. They are:

ñaxxa jarāki rā satēsa rā sahūta rājanū rājakiē;
They step to one’s left, to one’s right, to this side, and to that side.

Though, this does show how various prepositional phrases can simply be juxtaposed without any conjunctions. This sentence is also highly changed from the original, as the original sentence had words in it that I didn’t like and didn’t keep. This happens occasionally, generally with words that I create for a relay, since a relay text is supposed to be passed on within 48 hours of receipt, and I sometimes need weeks to meditate over a word to decide if it fits or not.

se jaþēma ien la sāeþ sasōna jānīke;
It seems that they are of one mind.

This sentence is also changed from the original. jaþēma has been substituted for a word that isn’t currently in the dictionary, and the pa relational has been changed to la, mostly because the sentence doesn’t require pa.