Continuing with relay texts, I said I’d do the 17th relay text, but I have changed my mind. I am going to do the Second Inverse Relay text instead. An inverse relay is where some other poor sucker someone else gets to translate a text into your conlang and then you get it and translate it into the next person’s conlang. Anyway, I’ll do the 17th later. Hopefully, after the 18th, which is still going on.

The first sentence of the 2nd Inverse Relay text is:

il ñi liēþ rā anālhāri il jīlpēneha;

The object of ñi here is liēþ, which is the first person exclusive plural pronoun. So the narrator is talking about groups of people, of which the narrator is part of one group and the listener is not part of any group.

rā anālhāri is “to the ocean”, so ñi liēþ rā anālhāri is “We go/went to the ocean”. All that is left is the il phrase, il jīlpēneha, which I will discuss tomorrow.