DC (2000-2018)

My cat DC had to be put down early last month. She was 18 years old.

DC arrived in my life in October 2000 as a 6-month old kitten rescued from a humane trap in the cemetary. My goddaughter and her friend rescued her and brought her to me on the grounds that I had only 1 pet and they each had 3-4 in their households. My goddaughter named her DC for “dazed and confused”, though as she adapted to her new life it quickly became “demanding and complaining” as befits a pampered house cat.

In October 2011 I moved with her into mom’s house in the desert, and she adjusted to that very nicely. Mom was all “but my white couch…” and in less than a week “what an excellent cat!” DC especially liked going out into the garden and hunting for lizards. She rarely caught them, but would hang out under the rosemary bush for hours waiting for them. That is where her ashes are now.


https://kelen.conlang.org/archives/category/cats has pictures of her going back to 2009.