dape & seppe

A. auxiliary V-dape V again
B. auxiliary V-seppe fail to V
C. dape-seppe=S S stumble, trip

Dape and seppe occur only as auxiliaries, except for dape-seppe ‘stumble, trip’, which is the only time dape appears as a primary verb. The obstacle stumbled upon or tripped over is marked with su.

Dape as an auxiliary can also mean ‘back, behind, after’ as in

D. da-dape=A=O A follow, go after O
E. se-dape=A(=O) A say back, reply to O

Dape is derived from da plus the particle pe ‘from’.

Seppe is used to mean try but fail to V, or intend but then end up not V-ing. Some less transparent constructions are:

F. da-seppe=S S avoid, shun, fail to go (AVOIDED=du)
G. se-seppe=S S misspeak

Seppe is derived from sede and pe.

Sentences with dape.

Sentences with seppe.

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