3 Replies to “Friday Cat Pic and a Small Lesson”

  1. Ha! I love your word for “towel”.

    In related news, I discovered what putting clothes away is going to be like for me for the foreseeable future. You see, when I come back with a load of laundry, I dump it all on the bed, sort it into piles, and then put each pile away. Okeo was fascinated by this. He wanted to grab at everything that moved, and then when he found himself frustrated by me at every turn, he finally settled down for a little nap right on top of my shirts. He was most discomfited when I removed him.

  2. DC likes to help me make the bed. By chasing the edges of the sheets, getting underneath them, attacking them, and even chewing on them. It’s a good thing she’s so cute. 🙂

    So what’s the Kamakawi word for towel?

  3. Figured out a word for towel:
    il ñi jāo il ñi jañāoseni jakāni wā;
    This is what happens when the towels aren’t folded.

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