Line 1 of the Kēlen Jabberwocky:

il ōrralon ñi jarewēλecāwāŋŋi ā jawēlrūlri rū jaxēwepōma āñ;

(See yesterday’s post for an introduction.)

“In the afternoon” the jawēlrūlri gyre and gimble around the jaxēwepōma. The word jawēlrūlri consists of –wēlr– (as in jawēlre ‘circle’ and –ūlr– which is a type of animal. I’ve always thought of jūlri as lizards, or maybe snakes, or something. (Note to self: come up with a workable ecology. Yeah.) Furthermore, the word has two lr’s making it a bit of a tongue twister. Circular lizards (or circling lizards?) are my equivalent of (slithy) toves.