This word commonly means “guild”, but in older usage it means “group”. It originally meant “hunting party” or “group of hunters”.

Sentence #67:
ē ōrra ñatta sāen mapōññe ā mīrāñi jērān aþ ōrra tetme annāmmi;
A group of Īrāñi had found him and given him water.

Sentence #68:
ē temete þō jatāen aþ tetesse mo mīþien;
He told them this story and they told others.

2 Replies to “jērān”

  1. Yes. It also appears as a suffix at the end of most guild names. Though, I am thinking, that since not all guilds grew out of hunting parties and secret societies, that maybe some of them should not have the suffix. Hmm.

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