jamāēþa is the word for a specific bush, one which is native to the planet Tērjemar. I originally had it meaning simply “bush”, but I can’t really tell you the difference between a bush and a tree, since there is such an overlap, and it occurred to me that maybe the Kēleni wouldn’t even necessarily make the distinction.

Sentence #15:

te jamāēþi jañīñi jajāēli jakepōli ñe jañāñeni pē ī;
There were a few scattered tufts of dwarfed bushes growing also.

Sentence #16:

temle jaþēma ien la jasāma nāra ñe jamāxxānwe ē pa jakōni ī pa anλāon nāpie ī pa jaxūna wā;
He described to me that the whole desert was like a vast expanse of gravel, and too much width, and no pattern.