Sentences 7 and 8 in the LCC4 relay text:

ē tema jāo mo macēna sasāra ī temme jamārienni ien la lerōña ñe mamōra mīña kēñ; sere jakīña ien ñi jatēnnīke ja pa liēr kēñ;

tema jāo mo macēna sasāra is “the woman hears this” and temme jamārienni is “she laughs”. jamārienne is the word for a laugh, and the plural here implies ongoing laughter. Furthermore, since the laughter is followed by the woman repeating back what Tānre has just said to her, it implies laughter and speech interposed.

The woman hears this and laughs, “My eyes are like small moons? You wish that we were joined in marriage?”