We’re still on the third sentence of the 18th Conlang Relay Text

samma japēlti mo jaxēxi ja ē ñi jarewēλi ī ñi jahūwi ī ñi jasēþa ñe jawēlrienāl rū jatāsa λi xēþa āñ;

OK, here is where I put on my evil hat and just messed with stuff because I could! jawēlrienāl is a letter of the interlace alphabet. Needless to say, the previous text did not say this. It had a word that was glossed “knot, maze”. I have no idea what the subsequent text did, but I hope Herman Miller appreciated it anyway.

So far we have: “The tūmse is barking at the smoke that twists and breaks and makes a knot like a letter of the interlace alphabet…” followed by a locative phrase that I will discuss tomorrow.