The next sentence in the 15th Conlang Relay Text:

ānen antāλa ñaxxa jarāki honahan ja sexe jakīña;

Most of these words have been blogged before, except jakīña which means “wish”. So, ānen antāλa “with chaos” or “chaotically”; ñaxxa is ñi plus a 3rd person plural agent; jarāki is the plural “steps”; honahan is “any kind of” and modifies jarāki; ja is a relative pronoun, modifying jarāki honahan; sexe is se plus a 3rd person plural experiencer; and the thing they are experiencing is a wish.

“Chaotically, they make any kind of steps they wish.”

The biggest change between this sentence and the original is the phrase ānen antāλa in place of jarāeλa. I decided I didn’t like jarāeλa, so it is no longer a word.