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  1. Ack! It’s been too long since I’ve been here! And I’ve missed no fewer than three cat pictures!!! My apologies. It’s just been way, way too busy with the condo and everything. But news! We’ve decided that after Christmas some time, as our mutual present, we’re going to get a cat! A furry one! I’m very excited.

  2. I am biased in the favor of furry cats myself. I hope you are still excited when they insist on sitting on your keyboard while you are working, or bring in a lizard friend at 2am, or… well you get the idea. Not that I would ever trade my cat for anything. (She wouldn’t let me, anyway.)

    And congrats on the condo!

  3. I’m sure Kittykins wouldn’t sit on my keyboard while I was trying to use it! (I’ve already started calling the cat Kittykins, even though we haven’t even started to look for cats, and Erin probably won’t let us actually call the cat “Kittykins”. Despite that, the name “Kittykins” keeps leaping to the tip of my tongue…) Speaking of which, we decided we want to train Kittykins to use the toilet. What do you think?

  4. Don’t worry about what to call the cat. They will answer or not in proportion to the probability of being fed. I have multiple names for my cats.

    If you manage to train Kittykins to use the toilet you will have to come over and train mine, too. 🙂

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