Before I get to this word, a note:

I’m going to go through the Babel text now, in a similar fashion as I did with the North Wind and the Sun. This should take the rest of the year and maybe a few days of 2011. After that, I’m not sure. Suggestions always appreciated.

The first sentence of the Babel text is:

iēlte la anmārwi pa antaxōni ān tēna;

iēlte again means “once upon a time”. The rest of the sentence is of the form la NP1 pa NP2 and signals that NP2 is a part or an attribute of NP1. The words anmārwi, antaxōni, and ān tēna have not yet been blogged. Which brings us to today’s word.

anmārwi is the word for “world” and implies all known areas and the people and things in them. It is generally in the collective, though the singular can be used when talking about a specific world within a multitude of worlds.