mamōrienāl & anmōra



the set of four moons.

Neil Comins has a lot to answer for.

Tērjemar had no moon until I read What If the Moon Didn’t Exist. Then I decided to give it four, ’cause one was boring, and two would lead to dualism, and three is triadism, and the sacred number is four anyways. So, now I am reading What If the Earth Had Two Moons, and thinking that that might be too unstable and unworkable and oh, fudge. Well, regardless of how many moons Tērjemar does or does not have, this is still a valid word. So there.



having to do with moons, lunar. This is a generic word for lunar. Each actual moon (if any) has it’s own version of Lunar, so this one refers to something all moons would have in common.