malachite, probably my favorite mineral.

Image from Wikipedia.

This quarter I am taking two classes, and they are both reading and thinking intensive, plus homework. So, after a few more minerals, I might do something really simple, like numbers, except with numbers, I’d want to talk about variant forms and symbology (such as it is). So, any suggestions? I could do metals and maybe other chemicals and bring you interesting wikipedia pics, or landscape terms, or ???

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  1. Ooh… That’s a very pretty picture.

    Suggestions, suggestions… Of course, the first things I think of are animals and trees; not useful… Uh… Hey, why not a different type of category, like words used in previous relays? That would certainly give you plenty of material to draw from.

  2. I think I will do landscape terms as there are enough of them to fill the time until the 27th of Oct. The word for that day is ‘anniversary’. After that, sure, a text would be fine. Any in particular?

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