jawaxāon and anwaxāon



a feeling of not being able to make sense of some situation or event.



In a person, the quality of being unable to make sense out of something, of being confused. In an object, event, or situation, the quality of inducing confusion.

2 Replies to “jawaxāon and anwaxāon”

  1. I feel kind of like a punk for asking, but do you think you can use anwaxāon in a sentence with a person and in a sentence with an object, event or situation…?

  2. Sure.

    sema jawaxāon to jāo;
    This is confusing him.

    il ñi sāen mawaxāon il selme jakekōrja;
    He became confused when I was explaining to him.

    il ñi jakekōrja jawaxāon il antielen jūsīña ānor;
    The explanation became confusing after 10 “minutes”.

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