So the 18th Conlang Relay still isn’t done. I’m giving them till the end of April, and then I’m going to blog it anyway. 👿

In the meantime, there is the 14th Conlang Relay. This is the one with the wedding ceremony, specifically for a man and a woman, but I suppose it could be adapted.

The first sentence in my translation:

se jatēnnīke jasāla mo macēna mo macūma;

jasāla means song or chant. It is modifying or maybe it is modified by jatÄ“nnÄ«ke, which means “joining ceremony”. Together jatÄ“nnÄ«ke jasāla is “joining ceremony song” or “a joining ceremony, its song”. This is the object of se and has two beneficiary phrases, mo macÄ“na “for a woman” and mo macÅ«ma “for a man”. Altogether:

“Here is a joining ceremony song for a woman and for a man.”