nīkan and inflections



nÄ«kan is a preposition meaning “together with”, or “with” as long as it is not an instrumentive reading. nÄ«kan also requires that its object be inanimate. The usual syntax is NP1 nÄ«kan NP2(inanimate). NP1 can be animate. When this happens, nÄ«kan is usually inflected for person. If so, the syntax becomes looser and it is possible to rearrange all the constituents into any order.

The inflections are: nīkanle for first person, nīkanrie for second person, and nīkamma for 3rd person.

In the North Wind and the Sun the next sentence involves marāona nÄ«kamma jalÅ«ra jacālle. marāona (NP1) means “wanderer” and was discussed earlier. jalÅ«ra jacālle (NP2) was discussed yesterday and means “a warm cloak”. So marāona nÄ«kamma jalÅ«ra jacālle is “a wanderer with a warm cloak”.