jalāsa and anlāsi



This is the word for a greeting or welcome.



This is the collective form, which is used far more often. It can refer to a set of greetings, or it can be the greeting itself.

selre anlāsi;
I give you greetings.

λi tērranni selirte anlāsi;
Greetings, Earthlings!
(or more literally, “Terrans, I give you(pl) greetings.”)




an admission, a confession, a concession of an argument. This word also occurs in the ninth sentence of the North Wind and the Sun.

tō jāo temme jalerāen ien la malō pa antāken anānexa ke mūrāna masīrien;

It occurs as an object of se (here as temme) and is renamed by the clause following the particle ien: la malō pa antāken anānexa. From previous days we know that this means “the sun is the strongest”. We will discuss the last phrase ke mūrāna masīrien tomorrow.