So the 18th Conlang Relay still isn’t done. I’m giving them till the end of April, and then I’m going to blog it anyway. 👿

In the meantime, there is the 14th Conlang Relay. This is the one with the wedding ceremony, specifically for a man and a woman, but I suppose it could be adapted.

The first sentence in my translation:

se jatēnnīke jasāla mo macēna mo macūma;

jasāla means song or chant. It is modifying or maybe it is modified by jatēnnīke, which means “joining ceremony”. Together jatēnnīke jasāla is “joining ceremony song” or “a joining ceremony, its song”. This is the object of se and has two beneficiary phrases, mo macēna “for a woman” and mo macūma “for a man”. Altogether:

“Here is a joining ceremony song for a woman and for a man.”




The next sentence in the 15th Conlang Relay Text:

la sāeþ ānen anexīmi wā ānen sawūrre āñ ēmma;

As mentioned a few days ago, ānen is ‘without’ and ānenēmma is except for. So this sentence is “They are without anexīmi except for sawūrre āñ.”

anexīmi is a collective noun that means “music”. I will discuss sawūrre āñ tomorrow.




The seventh sentence of the 2nd Inverse Relay text:

ñalta jahōhhe jahē tō ja ñalta jañicālte sū jahāwekien;

anñicālte is the word for “traded” or “something for trading”. So, this sentence is “we make good cooked food” followed by the instrument-marker followed by a relative pronoun ja followed by the ñi clause “we make trade” followed by the locative phrase sū jahāwekien “at the shore”. Put that all together and we get:

ñalta jahōhhe jahē tō ja ñalta jañicālte sū jahāwekien;
We make good cooked food from that which we trade at the shore.




antaxōni is generally translated as “language”, though it includes more than speech and grammar. It specifically includes pragmatics and kinesthetics and customs of a culture.

ñi antaxōni cī;
“Fiat lingua!”




tower. In Kēlen, lighthouses are a type of tower, jakōnōr jalūīke.

So, in South Australia, the tower on Mt Lofty:

The lighthouse at Cape Jervis

The lighthouse at Cape Couedic on Kangaroo Island:

OK. That’s Sept 8’s word. Now on to 9 and 10…