Friday Cats

Here is DC, miffed:

Because she would rather be here on my lap:

But she has a tendency to put her needle-sharp claws into me, so she is banished to her chair.

Friday Cats

Tuesday was the monthly Southern California conlanger meetup. As always, David J Peterson and I got together. David usually has his laptop with him, and leaves the laptop bag resting on the floor. Groucho decided that the bag was on the floor just for him to sleep on.

David took that picture with his iPhone. So here’s a picture of DC, taken by me:

Friday Cats

What?! Is it time for that again? Well, get it over with, I’m trying to nap here.

Cat vs Vacuum Cleaner

I don’t know what Groucho was thinking…


Maybe DC dared him? Maybe he was convincing himself that the vacuum cleaner was not a terrible monster? Maybe he was high? Who knows?