Cat Picture from Groningen

It might still be Friday in California, so I am technically “not late”.

I am in Groningen for the Fourth Language Creation Conference. Last night 19 of us went out to dinner at a lovely restaurant called De Gulzige Kater (“the greedy tomcat”). My plan was to take a picture of a Dutch cat for the weekly cat picture, but I got so caught up in doing set up and having dinner and fun that it never really happened. I did get this, though:


That counts, right?


OK. David Peterson saved my bacon, then, my generously slipping me this picture:


So enjoy!

Cat vs Grasshopper

Every so often DC gets bored with traditional cat toys and goes after something that moves on its own.


After a while the grasshopper got away. It then took refuge on my ceiling for several days.


This did not make me happy. I said to myself, “What if gravity should exert itself while I am sitting underneath it? Bad kitty.”

However, eventually my wonderful goddaughter came by to catch the grasshopper and release it back into the wild, where I am sure it will live happily ever after or until my cat catches it again.

It’s Friday – have a cat picture


That basket she’s sitting in? That’s for the fruit (usually blood oranges) that I keep by my computer to snack on. And the canister holds tea.  There was no fruit in the basket when she decided to sit in it. I told her she was a bad cat, but she didn’t believe me. Probably because I was laughing.