We’re on sentence 7 (the final sentence) of the LCC2 Relay Text, concerning the talking rock.

ilwae sele jarūna wā mo lerōña to jakīþa jatēnnā jē nā;

jarÅ«na means “another sight or glimpse of something” and denotes that one has seen the thing before and is now seeing it again.

sele jarÅ«na “To me: another sight”. ilwae sele jarÅ«na wā is “Never to me another sight”. mo lerōña to my eyes, renaming the beneficiary here. And to jakīþa jatÄ“nnā the source of the sight, the talking rock. And look, it’s got inanimate inflection. No more personhood for that mean ol’ talking rock.

“I never had another sight of the talking rock…”

Tomorrow jē nā and the end of this relay text.